About me…

First, I am a mother. My gorgeous daughter Emma has been my (mostly) patient muse for the last eighteen wonderful years. I love to capture images of her that tell a story; pictures that I can go back to again and again to remember that moment. I love it when I am able to catch her in a completely spontaneous moment of delight. It seems as though she is growing up so fast, if I blink it will all be over, she will be a woman!
That is what I strive to do for my clients. My wish is that over the years you can come back to the photographs that we create together, and you will remember this time in your life, in your family’s life, in your child’s life. I really love portrait photography, because it is not just about lighting or focus, or any of those other important components of a great photograph. It’s about heart and soul, and somehow finding a way to capture a little piece of it.
Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures even half as much as I do taking them – and I hope you will contact me soon to schedule your next session!

-Katy Walters

Lakeland, Florida